COVID-19 Notice

Notice coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Dear Hedel Electronics Friends and customers, through this message we want to inform you that on April 20 of this year, with the start of this new type of isolation that the government has announced, our company will reactivate its operations gradually and following all the stipulated guidelines and precautions by the ministry of health and that are necessary for this moment.

To achieve this, we have created policies to decrease the virus outbreak. We limit travel, restrict visitor entry, recommend that sick employees stay home, and maximize our cleaning and disinfection procedures. We also protect those who must work in offices by reducing the number of people in the building and promoting work from home in places where the virus is most active.
With this message we want to invite everyone to achieve together to reactivate and save the economy of our countries, this can be done through the support of all people to national producers and companies, from local stores to national companies feel relief in your finances and this relief can pass it on to all your employees. We are doing everything possible for our customers and manufacturers to maintain their design and supply chains around the world, by ensuring the constant delivery of products globally.

Hedel Electronics constantly communicates with manufacturers and transportation services; We will offer updates as orders arrive and we will continue to monitor the situation. There may be some alterations to deliveries to customers in quarantined areas, depending on local route restrictions and government controls.

In closing, we want to thank each one of you for supporting us and taking our services during the more than 30 years that we have worked and telling you to have faith, that together we will be able to get out of this crisis that has hit us so hard.


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